Wes welding in the barn studio, Gunnison, Colorado. 2017


About Wes

Hello, my name is Wesley Blossom, and this is a little bit about myself and my art work.

   I was born with the good fortune of growing up in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. 14000 ft peaks rise above the valley where the Arkansas River flows, near the once small town of Buena Vista. It was in this scenic setting that I ran free learning how to become a woodsman and a better steward of this land. In my youth I was introduced to gardening, ecology and biology. Growing up alongside ranchers gave a first hand education in such matters. I have all ways enjoyed the arts and pursued academic understanding since grade school. High school however introduced me to metals shop. It was in this class room that my love for the steel medium began. Shop class was where we were all taught proper shop conduct, safety, and maintenance. The needed understanding of metallurgy was introduced, before hands on application of the techniques would be applied.  After high school I went on to attended Western State College(now known as Western State Colorado University). This allowed me to gain focus with in my medium and strengthen my artistic voice. I also met the love of my life, an extremely talented and vivacious young artist Kylene Miller.  Her support and influence has helped to keep me motivated on the continuation of my sculptural works.

  I feel that letting you my audience have some insight into my life may help give a deeper understanding to my sculptures. My family and friends have influenced and encouraged me for years, even being so kind as to tell me when something wasn't up to par. The gorgeous and fragile high mountain dessert that I grew up in has given me a great application for the natural world, and a understanding of how fleeting life can be. I have always been a romantic at heart, and growing up in the fabled "WEST" has always fueled my sense of adventure and possibility. So it is with the greatest of pleasure that I combine good advice, a sound education, and a voice that is all mine into the construction of each and every sculpture that I make, and I hope that you my audience get to experience them in a way that is unique and enjoyable to you!