2016 Kylene's summer in Denali

2016 Kylene's summer in Denali


Kylene. . .



BFA Ceramics/ BA Art History

Kylene is an Alaska born, Colorado raised artist. She graduated with honors from Western State Colorado University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Art in Art History. She worked her way through school in the restaurant industry and did so on and off after school.  She worked for a year as a production artist for Sara Gabriel and also did a year as a lead bud tender in a retail shop in Denver.  In 2016 Kylene went to Denali National Park for three months waiting tables and exploring her home state. After National Park hopping and her first successful large game hunt a studio opportunity arose.

Her ceramic art varies from the textural world of nature to the smooth curves of the female nude.  Kylene's is also accomplished in a variety of other mediums.  Her degree is in ceramics and she will always hold mud in the highest regards. At present the facilities necessary for the production of her beloved medium have yet to be afforded. In order to keep her occupied Kylene has been creating a plethora of two dimensional design works. She has completed oil pastels, pin and ink drawings, water color paintings and the awe inspiring bubble pictures.  She continues on to be Wes' art manager, and the backbone of Muddy Steel.